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Assign Flexi Task on List Using Site Workflow

Question asked by electricgryphon on Oct 16, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2014 by mmatsako

I have a list of items. Each item in the list needs verification. I'm trying to query the list and put each item through a For Each action and kick off an Assign Flexi Task for each item. Works fine except its in series. So the first item has to be approved/rejected before the second items notification is sent out and so on. How do I do this in parallel so a notification goes out for each item in the list at the same time. Basically in parallel.


I could use a Web Call Service in the For Each loop which kicks off a seperate workflow that has the Assign Flexi Task in it. Then for each item in the list a seperate instance of the Assign Flexi Task workflow will kick off. But I was trying to accomplish this with one workflow.