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O365 Nintex Form throwing error after updating field

Question asked by michaelpe on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by michaelpe

We have a purchasing form that uses Nintex Form and SharePoint Designer WF. The form submits ok, but after a user submits the form, the next step is for an associate to assign the task to themselves. Once they put their name into the "People Lookup" field, it throws this error: 

This is happening to myself and one other user (IE and Chrome) but a few others say they are able to access right away. If you want 5-10 minutes, then I can access the form with no issue.


My question is: When you update a form field with a username from AD, does it take a bit to parse through that? It seems like it shows up on the list immediately, but we cannot access the form for a period of time.