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Workflow Stucks on "Set field Value"

Question asked by michael_h on Oct 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2015 by josh

Hi everyone,

we are using Workflow 2010 Eingine on SP2010 Server.

Today an issue came up, that a wf instance stucks.


The wf progress shows, that the wf stucks on an action of the type "set field value".

Detail view only provide the information, that this action is incomplete (Since 10/13/14).

We just restarted SP Timer Service ( I found this hint for diffrent wf actions, but I thought it was worth a try), did not help 


The strange part is, this is not a general problem. The same wf worked fine many times on other items in the same library and with the identical content type.


My question is: Is there any option (e.g. with powershell commands) to restart/skip the current action and save me from terminating this whole wf instance?


Kind regards