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Display different views of a form in parellel

Question asked by tachi on Oct 15, 2014
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I need to send an Infopath form off to several different users for approval, I want them to be able to view and approve the form in parallel and not one after the other. I want them to be able to click a link in an email notification, see the filled in form plus a unique section relevant to each different person who is approving the form, I don't want them to be able to see each others section.


I am reasonably new to this.


The forms I have been making I have tried to minimize our users need to ever see SharePoint or anything that does not look like the form for the whole process.


I have not been using Nintex Workflow's built in approval/task features as they load up a different form for approval. I use a hidden field on the original form to keep track of what stage of approval the form is in. Based on this the form loads up the relevant form view, or displays/hides sections based on the hidden field's contents. Once an action is taken Nintex Workflow sets the next stage in the hidden field and when the next person loads it up they only see their relevant information.


This has functioned fine when its one step after the other, I now want several apporvers to be able to view and see differing versions of the form at the same time. I want the workflow to wait until each approver has acted on the form then collate it into one final form.


Can anyone recommend how I can achieve this?


Should I instead change my process to use the build in task functions? If so how would I make them load the original form plus the relevant section for each different approver?


I can't use hidden fields as there is no way to keep them in different states, I can't load up a different view based on the log on details of who has loaded the form as its being sent to generic email accounts where differing staff might look at it.


Thanks in advance