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Create a certain amount of list elements

Question asked by m.mockert on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by m.mockert

Hi, we are using a list in SharePoint to manage our hardware. Now my colleagues had the idea, that it should be possible to add a specific amount of new items to that list with "one click". (to generate consecutive numbers for inventory labels)


The solution I created was very simple... the user can start the workflow, types in the "amount" of items that should be created, and the workflow runs...

- The Loop runs if the variable "amount" is greater than "0"

- then a new list item will be created with some defined single text columns

- then a math operation "subtract 1" from the variable "amount"

- the loops runs again if "amount" ist still greater than "0"

- and so on, and so on.



It works fine, with only one problem... the loop takes so much time to run. (varies from 2 - 8min)

Is there any way to make this loop task faster? Because.... when my colleagues have to add/reserve 50 items the workflow would run 4 hours. Or perhaps there is another way to solve the request to create a certain amount of list items. (Quick Edit isn't the solution I prefer) 


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