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Reminder Mail incl. Approval

Question asked by matthiasm on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by matthiasm

Hello everybody,

I'm new in the Nintex technology and need some support from your side at a journey I have to work on.

We need to implement a workflow in SharePoint where people should enter some information for a meeting and the person where this tasks is assigned to should be informed 7 days before the meeting will start (as a reminder), if this person didn't approve this task already. Categories should also be set by the people that set up this meeting. After a special meeting (depends on the category) is over, the workflow should continue going to the next person (Assigned Manager) that this person can approve this task too. Else the meeting has another category, an approval bei the manager is not needed. I hope this is understandable.


So what I thought could be: Using a SharePoint Calendar with some additional fields, like Assigned To, Task done (approval status), Assigned Manager (people picker), Manager done (approval status) where people enter a meeting that everything will be on a Calendar basis.


Is this possible and if yes, could you tell me how?

I also read these two articles but didn't get forward: Site Workflow - Document Review Date Approaching Reminders | How do i initiate email reminder 30 days from the date in a field?


This would help me a lot.

Thanks in advance.


Attached: Colums in the calendar + View of the form (that should be adjusted - if possible)


Best regards,