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email a group of approvers stored in a sharepoint list

Question asked by rixdeanmcx on Oct 9, 2017
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Hello all, I am converting yet another SPD workflow to Nintex. I have a sharepoint list with one record in it, this record has 2 columns that allow multi line and allows multiple people, the two columns are ApproverName and approverEmail. When a new approver is added to ApproverName a workflow sets the ApproverEmail to semicolon delimeted email addresses. Basically the workflow gets the email address based on the display name, then the email addresses are stored in a form approval section.

My question is in Nintex would it be better to have a record for each approver or will it work fine the way it is, all the approvers in one record seperated by a semicolon? bottom line is I need to send the group of approvers and email when a new item is created(submitted). Thanks for any help.