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SQL Request in Repeating Section of Form

Question asked by lgiambar on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by stonehage

I have an expense reimbursement form that uses and SQL request to pull in department numbers in a drop down as one column in the repeating section. Each repeating section is an expense line item. When the user is completing the form, they need to select which department the expense on each line goes to. The SQL request pulls the department numbers from a SQL database so that we only have to manage that list in one place. When the user saves their form and later goes back to edit it, the department is automatically switched back to the first department in the drop down list. rather than the department that they had initially picked. Is there a way to make the users selection stick?


Changing execute in edit mode to no is not an option because the user will then not be able to add any additional lines if they edit. 



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