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How do I pre-populate Repeating Section DropDownList

Question asked by gregr on Oct 5, 2017
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I am in need of pre-populating a dropdown list in a repeating section with different values according to the row number.


Let's say I set up a repeating section with 1 dropdown(Type) containing 9 values(Type1, Type2, ... Type9) with the option to allow the users to add a new type if need be and one field with a checkbox(Present).

I need the first 9 rows that are static containing the items in the list. 

Like this:

DropDown     Found

Type1              checkbox        row 1

Type2              checkbox        row 2

Type3              checkbox        row 3


Type9              checkbox        row 9

Add new type  checkbox        row 10+ 



I have been partially successful but all values are the same Type on every row.

Not like this:

DropDown     Found

Type1              checkbox        row 1

Type1              checkbox        row 2

Type1              checkbox        row 3


Type1              checkbox        row 9

Add new type  checkbox        row 10+ 



How do I setup a rule or use jQuery for this?