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Hawkeye data reporting on deleted list items

Question asked by kiran.bellala on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by nanettedv

Hello Hawkeye experts

I am using Hawkeye in my Office 365 workflows. Workflow on my list is set to start on item created automatically. 

Hawkeye Process Intelligence Lens is collecting data and everything seems to be working fine.


For some data clean up activity, I copied and pasted few hundreds of rows in Data sheet view. This activity created list items and triggered workflows.  I deleted these list items because they are not needed anymore. 


But because the workflows have been triggered on these items (even though they don't exist anymore ) ,  Hawkeye is reporting these workflow instances as valid workflow runs and skewing my reports.


Is it possible to clean Hawkeye data and delete unnecessary data? Please note that I am using out of box Process Intelligence