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Copy documents from Document Set to Folder

Question asked by justin.reading on Oct 14, 2014
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Hi Everyone


I have a workflow which is trying to achieve two goals, 1) copy documents from a document set in a library (not the docset itself) to another document set (with folder structure) in another library in the same site; and 2) log the details of the copied files to the workflow history. The attached .nwf file is the workflow so far.


At this stage everything works fine EXCEPT that the source document set is replicated in the destination folder. Here are the details of what we're trying to achieve:


Source: Library A > DocSet 1 > Document 1.doc (etc.etc.)


Destination: LIbrary B > DocSet 2 > Folder A > Folder 1 > Document 1.doc (etc. etc.)


The DocSet 2 in Library B is created using a separate workflow and is implemented correctly. The result of the attached workflow looks like this:


Destination: LIbrary B > DocSet 2 > Folder A > Folder 1 > DocSet 1 > Document 1.doc (etc. etc.)


We DO NOT want the source DocSet 1 to appear in Library B, only the documents contained with it.


We have tried to run this workflow (in slightly different iterations) at the Library and Site level and also as a reusable workflow, all without success.


Any thoughts?