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Workflow: Update Document not working

Question asked by harryr on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by cazza162

Hi all

I have used the update document command in a previous workflow to change plain text and date content controls in a word document without any issues.


I have put together a second workflow in the same site on a different document library and can no longer get it to work. The document is published as a major version which then kicks off the approval process. After each person approves the document, the content control should be updated but it's not and I can't find a good explanation why.


I have checked the tags multiple times to ensure they are correct.


Here are some screenshots. The first shows the word document controls:



This second screenshot shows the workflow action:


I considered that perhaps the document may need moving into draft mode before it can be edited but this isn't the case in the first workflow where it's working.


It's driving me nuts.

I appreciate any help or heads up on known issues with this action.


Nintex workflow version: 2013 (