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Query a list for multiple items, each item with repeater

Question asked by nmjohns on Oct 3, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by emha

Let's see if I can even explain myself correctly. I'm trying to query a list, returning multiple items. Each item has a repeater with multiple details.


Item has:




Created Date

Repeater fields are:




Since I have multiple items I'm returning, I need to call web service. I'm able to build an HTML table with the returned information that is stored in the Results variable (After using XSL transform option). 


The problem is each row becomes:

Building | City | Repeater XML with everything about all people entered in repeater | Created Date


I need to be able to build an HTML table consisting of


Repeater Person | Repeater Person Number | Building | City  | Created Date

Next Repeater Person | Repeater Person Number | Same Building | Same City  | Same Created Date




What actions would I even use to keep track correctly? It seems like I would benefit from using a collection but the returned XML can only be stored in a single variable.