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Nintex Task issue: no outcome options shown

Question asked by jpmhuls on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by jpmhuls

Dear all,


For some time now I'm facing an issue that keeps bugging me: some Workflow tasks (using Nintex Task with multiple outcome) do not show the outcomes (Approve/Reject).


The Flexi Task used has some extra Task description text with some workflow and item properties included. Nothing fancy. Most of the time, clearing the Description field and adding the text again works fine to resolve the issue for new task.

It seems that the Nintex engine somehow messes up the HTML for rich text content  Also for task notification email bodies


If possible I would like to avoid to build the texts in strings (including HTML/CSS), as that would be a major inconvenience and annoyance.


Is there a way, apart from LazyApproval (luckily enabled), to still get access to the outcome of the messed up workflow tasks?


[UPDATE] This happens at runtime. In the screenshot below the blurred regions in the red box are part of the Description ending in a user on the left with the presence awareness icon.

NB: I've blurred the task description for customer privacy reason..