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Image Preview on Nintex Forms

Question asked by harley5000 on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by harley5000

I am trying to create a form for some basic content creators to post news items to our Intranet. We have an image library which has a preconfigured set of icons/logos to reflect what the content of the particular item relates to. In order for the creator to post an announcement, they need an image URL. To go and fetch this component is unintuitive for those who are less than tech savvy. I simply want them to be able to select an image from a dropdown menu, display what it looks like and populate the URL with said image. I can only get so far as fetching the URL but cannot find any way to display what the image looks like.


Firstly, can I just get off my chest that what I'm trying to achieve should NOT be overly complicated or unavailable as a feature. We live in a digital world, people like imagery, colours and niceties. I simply want to display an image on a form based on a list lookup dropdown selection. Select thing from dropdown - display the image that this dropdown is linked to. That is all.


I have seen the following threads and the work involved to achieve a basic function seems absurd.

Is there no way to use a variable in the "Image URL" field of an Image Control? 


Is there yet no easy and functional way to achieve this?