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Issues with certain datatypes using Query List to build a  Dictionary and the Get Item from Dictionary

Question asked by westerdaled on Oct 4, 2017



My requirement is to copy a master (custom) list item across to another list  and also copy the related child list items to a separate source  custom list to a destination custom child list . A Nintex for Office 365 List Workflow once triggered on the master list Item does all the work behind the scenes.  To preserve the master-details relationship I indeed to insert the Title or ID to update a lookup field in  each newly copied child list item. 


Copying the current item using an Insert Item Action works fine.. 

Next I have to deal with one or more child items . I think this means only a Dictionary and a For Each Loop can do this. 







In my For loop, I have quite a few Get Dictionary Item Actions and most work fine ( as long as I ensure I use the static names in the Path)


The issues I current have are:


  1. User field as normally I populate a text variable ( then set formatting options) .. but in this case it suspends the workflow (lovely)
  2. The Rich text field comes back as HTML  (ouch). I guess this regex if the user still wants store rtf

3. populate the lookup field (I have yet to see if this works because of the other issues._


One thing I have noticed that there is  [NAME] Item field i can bring back as a txt variable using the Get Dictionary Item and this is a JSON representation of the List item inc the actual name. value mention above. Should I be using this in both cases. 



Anybody had similar issues?