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Stop "Create Item" if the item exists

Question asked by rixdeanmcx on Oct 3, 2017
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hello all, I have a form library where users can submit NEW projects or EDIT existing projects. I am having trouble with the new conditions. I have the library workflow set to run on item changed. So the user submits the request (new item) then the approver approves/rejects (item changed) if the item type is new and the form status is approved, the new item is created in a project list, then a workflow in the project list fires does some math, gets the MAX number and assigns the new item with a new project number. every thing works great to this point, then in the project list I have a workflow pause then write the new number back to the request form library. Unfortunately this action starts the whole process and it just keeps creating new items. Any ideas on how to run a successful Create Item just one time? I was thinking about adding an update item to the project inventory list workflow that updates a field in the request form library to "Item Created" or maybe there is some actions that solves this, still pretty new to Nintex.

Thanks for any help