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Can I copy the value of a person field from 1 list to another and show name?

Question asked by sshaffer on Oct 3, 2017
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What is the best way top copy the value of a person field from one list to another?  I am trying to pick up the owner of a business unit from one list and copy it into the owner field of a request list.  However, the value shows different.


I have a look up table called Business Units. Each Business Unit has an OI Owner - type person (1st image below).

I query the table with a filter on the Business Unit and assign the OI Owner to a variable called perOwner (type of person)


Then, I use  the Update item action to update "OI Owner" from perOwner variable.  The problem is that the person's Name does not display in "OI Owner", but instead i:0#.w\xxxx\ag1r  which is some sort of internal ID for the person.  How can I get the person's name to show up in the second list?


Is there a better way to do this?


The OI Owner name from this list:

 Shows up like this: