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Lookups to Different List with Peoplepickers

Question asked by on Sep 26, 2017
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I am building a form which will allow a user to request overtime hours. I have a need to email to different people based on the inputs from the requester. The requester will select the Global Resource Manager (GRM)

Global Resource Manager

ST Manager



What I am trying to do is when the Global Resource Manager is input (this is a people picker) the form will fill in the ST Manager and the CTO (currently also set as People Pickers)


I have a second list (STManagerandCTO) which has the relationships built, which GRM goes to which ST Manager to which CTO. These are a one to many relationship.


The column headings are:


Global Resource Manager                            ST Manager                                      CTO

Steve                                                                 Mark                                                   John

Trent                                                                 Mark                                                   John

Ralph                                                                 Chris                                                   Mike

Joe                                                                     Chris                                                   Mike

Dan                                                                    Rick                                                     Susie


I want to be able to pull in the associated ST Manager and the CTO to the form based on the input for GRM. So if Steve is picked it will fill in Mark as the ST Manager and John as the CTO. I will need to be able to email approvals to them based on other inputs on the form. Right now I can’t get the names to populate to the form using People Pickers. If I switch to another value I have issues sending the emails.


The ST Managers and CTO are not listed in the Users profile in SharePoint.


Ideas? Am I making this harder than it should be?