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Using Validation rule to enforce fields depending on a button

Question asked by sharepointfrancois on Oct 14, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by sharepointfrancois


As per the subject I am trying to enforce some fields (make them mandatory) using the new Forms Validation rules, but IF the user click a different button (ie Save as Draft, which set a field value to 0) then I don't want any of these validation to happen.


So I am happy to have a rule such as

and( greaterThan({ItemProperty:Stage}, 0) , isNullOrEmpty({Self}))

--> if this is TRUE it will force the field ({self} to be filled.


But the issue is that [Stage] is a field and not a control in the form, so the value is not understand yet UNTIL the form is saved. Therefore rule will not work.

Also we cannot have a Rule Validation that is using a Control in the form.... kind of a closed circle :-(


any idea how to make fields mandatory depending on a button being pressed ? (thought I woudl use the new Rue, but may revert to JS in the end?)


many thanks community people :-)