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Send Notification to new people

Question asked by tkrampy on Sep 26, 2017
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I have a requirement to send a notification to newly added people in several different people picker fields. Heres an example:


The Assignee fills out the form and enters as many stakeholders as they may know who would participate with this form. there is a different stakeholder field for each departmental stakeholder. these are people picker fields.


When the assignee submits the form it goes to the known stakeholders.


Now, lets say a new stakeholder needs added, then the assignee will go in and add however many additional stakeholders per department.


there should be a notification that goes out to the newly added stakeholders.


I read this and it doesn't seem to apply to my scenario as I have several people picker fields where this one discusses one.


Any thoughts as to how I an get notifications to be sent to just the newly added stakeholders?