Nintex Forms for SharePoint: Document Sets Workaround

Discussion created by alisher on Sep 24, 2017
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Hello all!

As we know, it’s not possible to use Nintex Forms for customization of SharePoint document set’s forms. Anyway, I am trying to find a workaround for this restriction in our project. At the moment, I have the only one idea and I am going to ask you, the community of professionals, is it OK to work on its implementation further or not. The point is that I am a novice in Nintex Forms and that’s why I need your help to discover possible issues.


The idea is to get rid of document sets by splitting the solution into two parts: a custom list that mimics document sets and a custom library that stores our files. I added lookup column to the library to link each file to “document set” in the list. After that, I created a form using Nintext Forms in the list. I used filtered List View control to display linked files. Also, the form is configured to hide linked files in New Item mode, so files are available only in Display and Update modes.

solution diagram

(Title, Status, and Done are the columns of the Sets list, of course)


I see several issues/questios here:

  • How to implement a button that adds file to appropriate “document set”?
  • How to implement a button that deletes file?
  • In Update mode, how to anchor/fixate the filter’s condition for the List View control? Now I just filter the control by Title value, so if user changes it then list of files tries to refresh immediately.
  • How to implement Cancel button behavior? I mean what if a user added some files and clicked Cancel button.


And in general, what do you think about this approach? I appreciate any ideas from you.


Products used:

  • SharePoint Server 2016 (on-premises)
  • Nintex Forms 2016


Alisher Abdurakhmanov