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Copy multiple items

Question asked by alexancb on Sep 21, 2017
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I'm having some some trouble setting up a workflow to add or copy items from one list to another.  I have browsed the forums but came up with nothing.


I have three lists.  


List A - Projects

List B - Associated sub-tasks for project (with accompanying lookup field to List A)

List C - A standard set of tasks depending on the type of project created in List A


So, I'd like to copy all those items from List C, to List B, when the user creates a certain type of project in List A.


- I've setup the workflow to start on new item creation in List A, conditional on the type of entry. 

- However, I have been unsuccessful in copying or creating new items in List B using the standards in List C.


I think I need more of an overview of how to approach this.  


Do I use a collection variable, a for-each loop, and create multiple items looping through each item in the collection?


Is it necessary to have all columns the same (same # of columns too) in the two lists if I use the copy function?


I'm using Nintex 2010 and SharePoint 2010.


Any help is appreciated.