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How to open/create items in Nintex Forms instead of InfoPath?

Question asked by grueter on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by jesse.mchargue


Until now we used InfoPath for all our forms in SharePoint. Now I'm about to migrate one of the forms (list based) to Nintex Forms. I have already created the design in Nintex and published it.


However, when I now want to create a new list item, or edit/display an existing one, the form always opens in the old InfoPath layout instead of the new Nintex layout.


I recognized, when I create a complete new list and design a form in Nintex Forms, the items also open in Nintex. However, if I customize the form in InfoPath once, it will always open in InfoPath. How can change this to open in Nintex again?


What am I missing to have Items opened in Nintex Forms and not in InfoPath?


I'm appreciating any help.