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Schedule List Workflows not working

Question asked by emilytan on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by emha


I keep getting the workflow error notification say the tasks failed to start when I scheduled an hourly list workflow.

The workflow I tried to schedule has to check the following two conditions

1.  Overdue flag is equal to "Y"

2.  Request Status is equal to "In progress"

The workflow was working fine if I manually run it with a record. (click on ellipsis edit button on SharePoint List record and select workflows. Then select this workflow and run)

But I was getting workflow err or email when I go to SharePoint List record, select Schedule Workflows and then select the same workflow and enter the date time to run.

Is the schedule I have setup only run for one record in the List or the entire List in SharePoint?

Please advise what is the step to schedule the workflow to run for the entire List in SharePoint.