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Best approach for generating a new project number

Question asked by rixdeanmcx on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by rixdeanmcx

Hello all, I have a SharePoint List that stores project data, my goal is to have the workflow loop through the list, get the Max project number by department, add 1 and store this value as next available number or possibly create it as a new item in a list of next available numbers. Each department project number series is unique and mostly do not start at 1. The format is 9999-999. left 4 are the department code, and right 3 are the project number we have 305 departments. I have accomplished this using InfoPath and SharePoint Designer basically by grouping by department, converting the right 3 of PJ number to a number, then Max of Pj nuber + 1. I have been tasked to create this same query process in Nintex. So far I have a collection variable (collProjectNumbers), variable (NewProjectNumber and a list query. What I need help with, when the user submits the new form with the appropriate Department and code the workflow will filter on that department only and get the next number. I am new to Nintex and not sure how to tackle this one with the most effective approach.

thank for any help.