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September Update not working for me

Question asked by greenawayr Champion on Sep 20, 2017
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Like an excited child at Christmas I've downloaded and installed the latest release of Nintex 2016 to my dev box. Gone to a custom list, clicked on the Nintex Forms button in the ribbon and...


....nothing! The button is unresponsive (pun intended).


I can click the down arrow to customise my item form but when I click that, nothing. The form designer will not load.


It was working fine before.


In Nintex Administration If I click on the "Form designer experience" link or the "Responsive forms template" link, I get a "Sorry, something went wrong" error.

Could not load type 'Nintex.Forms.SharePoint.AdministrationPages.DesignerExperience'.


The other pages in admin appear to work fine.

There was no error during the install process.