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How to create a link to a new form

Question asked by bsieloff on Sep 20, 2017
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Is there a way to create a hyperlink on a SP page that links to a new nintex form?


I clicked on "new" in my forms library and copied the link at the top.  I used that link as a hyper link on one of my pages to open a new form instead of having to navigate to the library.  I wanted to add &source=http://.... to the end of the link so the user would be rerouted back to the original page after filling out the form.  The issue is that the link I copied to create the hyperlink to open a new form is HUGE and I cannot put the entire &source=http:// ...  at the end of the link because it exceeds the maximum amount of characters.


I'm guessing (hoping) there is a more clever way to create a link to a new ninex form.