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Enforce Unique Values for 3 columns in a list

Question asked by sandy_s on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2017 by emha

Hi All,


I have designed a solution which has 4 lists as follows:

Users will fill in this HCM list as follows:

The requirements are that users should NOT be able Period the same period if that period has already existed in the list so I configured period column as “Enforce unique values” as shown:

This is sample of Nintex form that user will submit.


Region list single column as shown

Users start testing and found that the period field is okay, but when they choose the different region and different subsidiary for the same period like 2nd Half FY2017, where this PERIOD always exists, they get this message:

So I configured the Region column as “Enforce unique values” as shown:

and when I click OK button I get this message

I have not configured  subsidiary list yet for the “Enforce unique values”.

Q: How to achieve “enforce unique values” for 3 columns in a list or there is any other way to users to enforce users only when Region, Subsidiary and Period are NOT the same.

I found something related to enforce unique values at TechNet.

Any suggestion I could do to solve user’s issues.
Thanks, in advance.

Rhia Wieclawek  Lakshmi C  Tomasz Poszytek