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Nintex Form List View with variable CAML filtering

Question asked by leland on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by chaddavis

When you create a List View in Nintex Forms it has a section for filtering, and within that section is the ability to filter by a control's value. This is useful since if you had a textbox and named it you could filter a column in the list with whatever is in that textbox.


The downside is that the option only allows for 1 field to be filtered so I'm resorting to CAML to filter by 2-3 columns. What is the syntax for entering a variable name into this CAML dialog? The variable / named control is a part of the form and not promoted since it can change frequently and is just used for lookups. The Insert Reference button along the top only gives properties of the item, not variable or named controls within the form itself.


Syntax for variables and named controls would be appreciated. In the below example I'm filtering by a column called Timing and I've filtered it fine when I just put in the raw text of an example. For now I just need to know what goes in place of the {insert variable name here} in place of raw text to have it point to a variable or named control.