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Copy item from on table into random/variable table

Question asked by mai-kel on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by mai-kel

Hi community,


I think this is an advance one:


I have a source table "S" with some entries.

And then I also have some target tables. Today it could be table "TTA", "TTB" & "TTC", tommorow it could be table "TTD", "TTE" & "TTF".


What I want to do now is, that one entry out of table "S" should be copied into one of the target tables.


So giving the COPY order, system should have a look into the site(collection) checking which (target)tables are available asking the initiator into which table (today "TTA", "TTB" or "TTC" - tomorrow "TTD", "TTE" or "TTF") the entry should be copied.


Could you think of any way to do so?