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Query List and Format a Notification

Question asked by arobins on Sep 17, 2017
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I'm looking for help on how to format a notification email. I have a parent list and child list, the child list could have any number of rows of information associated to the parent list. I have a workflow that query's the list but I'm having a problem getting the results to make sense on a notification email.


When the work flow is run the child list information (in this case there were two lines entered) the notification shows the information is this format:

Monitor Gate;Access control front door;; Type A Regular;Supervisor Regular;; 123 Street;778 Road; 


I need the notification email to show the information as it would in the list, like below. Basically the information in the list rows needs to stay together in order to make sense.

Monitor Gate; Type A Regular; 123 Street

Access control front door; Supervisor Regular; 778 Road


Any help is appreciated. The workflow is attached.