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Hello, I need some help creating a workflow that will update one sharepoint list from another.  The two lists are in different sites. I have limited Nintex experience and will need help understanding what to enter.

Question asked by on Sep 15, 2017
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I have a SharePoint that is tracking 1100 circuits, the list name is "56K".  There are 4 columns of data (Disco Submitted, Disco Scheduled, Database Cleaned and Circuit Off Bill) that need to be updated from another SharePoint site with a list called "Discos".  The columns of data are similarly named in each site.  The key column to search on is the Circuit ID column which is in both lists.  Not all circuits in the "Discos" list are in the "56K" list. 


The objective is as new dates are entered into the "Discos" list for a Circuit ID, the four columns of data specified are, in turn, updated in the "56K" list for that Circuit ID. 


This Nintex Workflow would be on SharePoint 2013.


I am a novice at Nintex Workflow.  I will need help in the specific details on how this can be accomplished.

Thank you.