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Package multiple docs into an approval workflow with E-signature

Question asked by apham on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by apham

I am trying to automate a paper approval process into a digital process using SharePoint, Nintex and E-signatures.

In a document library, I want to select multiple documents to package together into an approval workflow(Nintex).  The package will be sent to a series of users that must all approve with E-signatures(Docu-Sign, E-Sign Live or any other E-signature that are partnered with Nintex).  


I am not sure what is the best approach to this scenario.  Please help me.

Ideally, I want users to simply:

- select the desired documents
- run workflow which will Email users a list of documents to review
- E-signature service will launch when document is selected
- Validation check to ensure documents are signed before workflow moves to the next approver


However, my concerns are:

1. How can you select multiple documents and start a Nintex workflow?  I tried putting the desired files into a document set and starting the workflow from it, however I am not sure if this is the best approach.  Zipping files is not an option.

2. How can the workflow validate that the document has been signed with an E-signature before moving to the next approver.  If this question is better suited for the E-signature vendor, please let me know.