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Passing nintex variables to a SharePoint 2013 page

Question asked by voicer on Sep 13, 2017
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I have a 3 tiered drop down created in a nintex form  as above.  The Nintex form has been inserted into  page.  I have created 3 variables in the Nintex Form to save the values that are selected when the user makes choices from all 3 drop downs.  The values are not stored in the underlying list.  The user will click on a button which will load another page which will be based on these variables.  For example, if Principal Architect for Enterprise Architecture in the Architecture category is selected, these variables will be used in a new page which lists the Principal architect's job description and skills list..


The Skills required will be picked up from an Excel dashboard.  Being new to html, I just need to get the code to pass the variables into the Job role and to the filters for the Dashboard.  The Job Role would then sit next to Job Role:.  The variables for the Jobs and the Job Family will also need to be stored so that the Dashboard could use these values to filter the lists.


Thanks again for all your help.  Your solutions are invaluable.