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How to compare items in existing list

Question asked by rahulprakash on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by rahulprakash

Hi All,


     I am working on a workflow which has specific condition:

1. Once user submits the form it should compare if user; specific type for current year is already approved. If yes then email will notify and workflow will end. 

2. If status is not approved then workflow with generate a task for approver. 


So far: I have tried "RunIf" but it looks like it is comparing only for when above condition is meeting at first instance. It is not looping through to compare all items of the list.

example - name = rahul; type = abc; year =2017 where status = approved is already a list item. When I am creating new item with same value it is working as expected and I am getting email notification and WF is terminated.

Now I have another item -- name = rahul; type = xyz; year =2017 where status = approved in my list. I am again creating item with same value my workflow is not executing steps mentioned in RunIf but going out from that and creating new Task for approver.


I have tried "RunIf"; "Condition Branch" and "Loop with Condition" but no luck. 


Is there any other way to achieve this functionality. Let me if anyone needs more clarity.


I am using Nintex Form and Workflow o365.