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Wait until selection

Question asked by hassandh on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2018 by michael.campbell

Hi All,


So I have a part in my workflow where the user has to update the status of the request by selecting one of the 3 choices he has.

Field type: Choice


1- Pending (default)

2- Confirmed

3- Cancelled

Based on his selection, the workflow will be directed using switch action.

As long as his selection is option 1, he can provide a comment about the reason for keeping it pending.  Once he choose option 2 or 3, the workflow will direct him to next action.


My main concern is how to keep the workflow waiting his input until his choice is other than Pending (option 1).

The "Wait for field change in current item" action  is missing the feature to input some conditions like Not equal or does not contain..etc


Any hints guys ?