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Lookup value blank but populated with reusable workflow

Question asked by cazza162 Champion on Sep 11, 2017
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Here is the picture:

  • Content type for site collection "Tracker" has a lookup column to a list called "BABs" located at the top level site.
  • Subsite uses content type "Tracker" where lookup value works fine.
  • Site collection reusable workflow on "Tracker" content type allows running on item creation and manually called "Submit Tracker"
  • Content type > workflow settings > add workflow > "Submit Tracker" > check box option select "Creating a new item will start this workflow."
  • Go to subsite, add new tracker item, workflow runs as expected


All good so far.

Inside the workflow I have logged to history list ItemProperty:CurrentBAB which is my lookup field.

When the reusable workflow runs on item creation (automatically) the value of CurrentBAB is empty (even though it definitely is not empty on the item).  If I run it manually however, the value appears.

If I create a list workflow on the same subsite list and do the same thing (run on item creation and log the CurrentBAB value) the value logs fine.

The issue appears to be with the lookup column value on the current item when the workflow runs automatically.

Has anyone else come across this (or able to replicate)?


Content Type "Tracker":

  • Title
  • Current BAB (lookup to list on top level site called BABs: Title field)


SC reusable workflow "Submit Tracker"

  • Content Type "Tracker"
  • Allow run manually, on item creation and item modify
  • Log to history list current item "Current BAB"


Content type workflow settings for "Tracker"

  • Add workflow "Submit Tracker"
  • Check "Allow this workflow to be manually started by an authenticated user with Edit Item permissions."
  • Check "Creating a new item will start this workflow."
  • Save changes
  • Apply to all content types using this content type

Add item in subsite using content type Tracker - confirm workflow runs but doesn't log value of Current BAB



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