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How to validated multi-select field

Question asked by devingig on Sep 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by tposzytek

I have a Nintex field based on a Site Column that is a Lookup.  To clarify, the site column is connected to a list at the root of the site collection and this list provides the lookup values for the field.

I enabled this Site Column for Multiple Selections, and then I changed the Appearance settings on the Nintex Form to show checkboxes.  All of this works fine.


Now, I want to have another field require a value if a certain value in that list is in the list of selected values.

I have seen multiple posts regarding how to validate if a check box is checked using isArray, and how to Array check box values,etc. and I have attempted the following validation rule on the ReportsTo field:


inArray(StatusReasons, 'Reports To Change') && isNullOrEmpty({Self})


Nothing is happening.  I suspect its because the source field is not actually an array because the source field is not a Choice field, but a Lookup field, but I am not certain.


Can you put the values of a multi select lookup field from SharePoint into an Array and evaluate as above?