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workaround : Using document sets with different content types

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by euang


I'm trying to find a workaround where I can use the Document sets to save different forms and documents. I cannot include list item based content types into a document set type. It will have to be of type document/page...etc
I've found a Parent content type under the Document content type called "Form" but it cannot be edited using Nintex forms. 

Did anyone find a workaround to include Custom list "looking" forms into a document set? I don't want to include a document (.doc or .xls) with multiple metadata.. just a simple form.. 

the other way I'm thinking, would probably be, add a link to a document and have each of the forms on separate list, then populate the links to the documents to those forms on the other list into my document set. would that work?


I hope I'm making sense..

Any insight would be of great help.