Problem with License!!

Discussion created by lichalopez89 on Sep 7, 2017
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Hi everybody! Could you please help me with this??


On my farm i have a frontend, with Nintex Workflows (and forms) installed, whith a valid license thats expires on October. That's OK. But some months ago, i've added another frontend2 to my farm, and i have put a trial license which expires today! If i go to the central admin, i see that, that the license is expired (but the secondone! not the firstone). Now all the workflows get an error of license expired. The questions are... ¿how can i deletethe trial license/unlicense the second frontend? On the central admin i only can import or export. ¿How can i put the original license again? (i don't have the file because i think it comes with the installation).

Thanks very much. I attach an image.