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Workflow with Date calculation

Question asked by pit850 on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by emha

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Hi Guys,

I need your help. In Sharepoint and workflow is quite a newbie and would like to take your support.

We have in the Sharepoint a calendar, which we use for our holiday recordings. I have created a workflow with Nintex for this calendar. This also works in the basic settings.

Now to my request:

The workflow should only be started if the holiday time is longer than 5 days, if smaller than or equal to then just send an email to the GroupOwner and the Approver.

How can I start a calculation in the workflow to determine the days from the start date and end date?

Also the determination of the group does not work, he always pulls the AD group.

I've created several groups with one owner. But somehow, the workflow seems to ignore them.