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How to remove duplicates from a collection obtained by querying multiple items in the list

Question asked by sushilspai on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by sushilspai

List column-

Partner - Person or group type which accepts multiple people.


Requirement: I need a collection of unique partners in collection variable.

I query list where partner != "Null" and store outcome in coll variable "partners" EX: partners= {aa; bb;aa; aa;bb;cc ;aa ; bb}

Carry out collection op to remove duplicate from "partners" coll and store it in "unique".


Expected Result: Unique= {aa; bb; cc}

Result: Unique= {aa; bb;aa; aa;bb;cc}


Problem: the collection operation somehow batches the results from the different item ID's rather than considering each itme seperated by semi-colon as an item.


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