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Save and Continue, without Workflow?

Question asked by gerardh on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by racnod

Ok, so when I saw the new Save and Continue button option I thought it was exactly what the users have been wanting for a long time - save their work on the form then continue working on it (or not), but not Submit it for workflow processing.  


The form I am modifying is a Financial project approval form, so up until now the user fills in the form, clicks the submit button and the item is created and the workflow for Approval / Rejection processing is initiated.  Apparently the Save and Continue button does much the same: item is saved to the list, workflow started, but then the form is re-opened onscreen for the user to continue editing even though the workflow has now been started. 


I'm obviously missing something - how can I allow the user to save the form but not have the workflow initiated until they click on the Submit button?