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Everyday why first submission is slow using Nintex Conditional Workflow.

Question asked by deepakupadhyab on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by maurer

Hi Nintex Team

I have a time critical workflow. System account is creating record and System account not able to “Initiate/Start” the workflow and in this conditional workflow where everything should completed within 10 seconds. Issue is every day for the first button click in an Info path form,[InfoPath 2013] screen will struck in "Sending Data to Server" for one minute. Then it will redirect back to "Source" page. Workflow setup as to start only on "Conditional". For Ex: On A button click i am setting "Status"= "Closed". so i have put same condition in workflow settings["Conditional"]. My question here is every day for the "First Click of submit button" why screen will struck in "Sending data to server", interesting thing here is. Subsequent submissions throughout the day works fine [within 10 seconds it will redirect to "Source" page. So its works as expected]. So why only for the “First Click” ? Please let me know if you have any solutions or workarounds for this. #Conditionalworkflow