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Workflow using flexi task

Question asked by anjali on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by emha

I created two lists- Configuration list with two columns namely title and approver.title has some ids and this is a lookup column.The other list is Service list - with columns like- titlew(ids),workordercost,date and status.logic is to use workordercost, so if workordercost is less or equal to 600k- person a

                                workordercost is between 600k to 2million - person b

                                 workordercost is greater than   2million - person c

I need to select the approver and id based on the workordercost when the workflow is run and send mail accordingly


what i did- my configuration list  and i gave my name as approver      

1.Service list  

2.My workflow

3.Send notifications are assigned to initiator and flexi task assignee is vApp(my variable)

4.Set variable

5.written the logic in workflow settings when item updated update action

Am not able to trigger email and how to go about the process.

Please help .

Thanks in advance