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Suspended workflow - email notification

Question asked by snathan on Sep 5, 2017
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I have a workflow that emails a user group (other than uploader's group) when the uploader uploads a file.


The group which get email is: Report Users (full access)

The group that uploads: Report Uploaders (contribute)


The workflow used to work when users with full permission uploaded files. Now that users with 'contribute' access uploads files, the workflow triggers then stays as 'started' with the following message. Looking for potential solutions.


- Based on my research, I did set the group as 'who can view the membership of the group' to 'everyone'

- There is nothing on 'cc' field


Retrying last request. Next attempt scheduled after 9/5/2017 1:34 PM. Details of last request: HTTP Forbidden to Correlation Id: 93f05b1d-2593-6e5a-90f2-6c94a0bcf7c8 Instance Id: 4ef13d5a-25a6-4e75-8cf6-7f146e0e1088


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