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Lookup Control and single line of text

Question asked by sandy_s on Sep 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by tposzytek

Hi all,


We have a requirement where HR admins will be filling the HR dashboard form for 1st and 2nd half for specific year. HR admins will choose regions, subsidiary within region  as shown below:


HR admin showed by enter these details into this main form.

Technical Challenge

We are planning to split into each list for e.g. Employee List, Salary List  and Productivity List so that there are no performance issues like Form slowed load when HR admins adding more data into this form.  

 We also have to add other lists form Training list, gender List etc.

We are designing these lists Employee lists & Salary list and created a main form which have all the lists as lookup lists (Employee List, Salary List and Productivity List etc. )
We thought we can pull this information into this main from and configured Employee list look up as shown.



We want to users to add the single line of text as shown in above screenshot. But Lookup controls shows only 2 options i.e. Drop Down list or Options Buttons.

We looked into this blog but does not meet that we are looking for.

How could we achieve this so that users enter these details and information is stored into different lists?

Any other suggestions will be highly appreciated.