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Workflow "Edit Start form" button not exist

Question asked by nairolfix on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2017 by emha

Hello ,

I'm working on Sharepoint 2013 with Nintex Workflow

I would like to use a site workflow with a custom start Nintex form.

However I do not have the option to customize this form in Workflow parameters



List of feature options installed:

  • NintexWorkflow
  • NintexWorkflowEnterpriseWebParts
  • NintexWorkflowWebParts
  • NintexWorkflowContentTypeUpgrade
  • NintexWorkflowLiveSite


  • NintexFormsSitePrerequisites
  • NintexFormsListSite
  • NintexFormsLiveSite
  • NintexFormsWorkflowSite


I tried to restart the NintexFormsWorkflowSite feature but it did not work


Thank you