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Lookup Function in Forms Design Rule doesn't find list

Question asked by Patrick Weber on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2017 by emha

Hi at all,

For my current workflow project, I need a form where the user selects some values from a drop down list.

With this value, I need to do a lookup to a sharepoint list querying a yes/no field. Depending on the result, I need to hide some fields.
To do so, I created a formatting/design rule and use this formula


equal(lookup("MyListName", "Title", NextState, "close_workflow"), True)


So there is a list named MyListName (Display Name, internal name is different) with an column Title. I need the element from this list where Title = NextState (Workflow variable) and I need the Field "close_workflow" of this element. If this hav value Yes, some formatting should appear.


But this lookup doesn't work. I used development toolbar to get note what happen. It always say:


12:55:25.294 [MyListName-cbbd10a1-a927-4ac7-8196-c4d292e4b4dc] - A request for SharePoint data failed. Error details: Die Liste 'MyListName' ist in der Website mit der URL 'https://herecomesmyurl' nicht vorhanden. 1 RuntimeFunctions.js:507:9


Which means The list with name "MyListName" does not exist. But it does exist.It's the same error if i use the internal name or the display name.


Can someone enlight me?